eSpace at ArabCrunch Demo '09

eSpace's product manager, Hamdy Khalil, will be participating and showcasing eSpace's products at the 2009 ArabCruch Demo taking place on the 23rd of February in Amman, Jordan.


weNear Competition deadline extended

The final submission date for the competition has been extended to 5 October 2008 11:59 PM Alexandria time. to allow final polishing to the submitted applications. Good Luck for every one


weNear Competition Starts!

If you are a student at The Computer Science Department, Alexandria University then you have come to the right place!

This summer is your opportunity to show what talent you've got in location based applications using the weNear API. The competition will commence on the first of July 2008 and the final submission date is 31 August 2008 11:59 PM Alexandria time.

A few tips to get you started:

  • To know more about the architecture of weNear, go here.
  • The weNear API documentation is available here.
  • To give you a bootstrap, we've generated the client/server communication code in several languages. Pick a file from the following list depending on the language you're using:
  • When your shiny new application is ready, go here and submit it!
  • weNear is still considered beta, so if you encounter any issues please report them at
Got questions? Don't hesitate to write to us at
Happy coding!


A Google Maps View for The iPhone

If you've been following the development of location based applications under Android and the iPhone you must have seen a lot of comparison charts showing the strengths and weaknesses of each SDK and mentioning the differences. Well, now you can cross one difference off that list! As this article mentions, the iPhone SDK lacks a programmable map component similar to the MapView on Android, but you don't need to worry about that anymore; at eSpace, we've written a similar one for the iPhone! This one simply loads in a UIWebView which is displayed under a custom transparent UIView that receives touch events and translates them to Javascript Map API calls. The source is available under the BSD license. If you want to merge in any cool updates just drop me a line. Here's a video demo of the thing in action:


weNear Architecture

This post gives a quick idea about the architecture of weNear and highlights some of the decisions that were made. So, without further ado, let's get started...

The weNear server is intentionally kept to just the bare minimum required to make the user location available to services that the user approves.